September 08, 2003


Day before yesterday, I bought this. For those of you who dont want to click or dont have the internet attached to your internet connection, that is a Creative Inspire 2500 2.1 speaker set.

A 2.1 Speaker is 2 satellite speakers and one subwoofer. The power is about 17+6+6 watts RMS. But that is the last thing i care about. The quality is brilliant!!

I had another set of speakers that were also from Creative, but of the SoundWorks category. Now I used to think this was the best ones. But somehow, they seemed as if they were kinda screechy. Somehow high on the tweeters. But with this, the sound is a lot more clearer. The highs and lows are very very well balanced. I dont think I am an audiophile, but this sounds a lot better than the one I had earlier.

scream, with speakers that are well balanced.


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