September 05, 2003

Rant time again

Hey, it is back to my favourite activity. Microsoft issued five more security warnings, all at once, at a time when system administrators are still reeling form the effects of MSBlaster. Then hopped over with 5 mod points over to the discussion forum for the article on slashdot. There I found this which accurately describes what I really feel about the issue. Funny, someone made a AC post, and it already had a mod-up. I splurged on it too, though I strictly dont encourage AC posts.

I mean, i seriously dont understand that Microsoft has the nerve to compare its security / performance with something as rag tag as Linux. I dont see why Microsoft should not commit suicide in a drop of water. Look at the start difference between the setups of the biggest computer company in the world and the biggest collaborative setups in the world. One has all the resources in the world to make sure that the software is the best in the world. It has the beta testers which is probably bigger than the installed base of the other. It has the power to seek 'advice' of the best of the best in all fields - usability to security. And then it has the nerve to stand up and say its security is 'just as good'?

lord is watching, he will punish,


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