September 01, 2003

And more does

I know I cannot make those long posts anymore.

That is because, I sit in this corporate outfit, and I have to be all corporat-ish. So God help me.

Well, I had to write this. So I remembered this. I am in corporate, but I still /. and a lot. In the technology section, I found this article.

I dont know if you have been reading the news recently, but the Blaster worm has been doing the rounds. And then they "caught" this blaster worm writer. A script kiddie. An 18 year old who is just spending some spare times, grepping old scripts to change strings and replace then with his own names. And do you know what they called him?

Mr McKay would not elaborate beyond the allegations against Mr Parson, but said, "Is he dangerous? Yes, he's dangerous. ... There is serious harm to individuals, businesses, Microsoft Corp. being only one of them."

Oh my gawd. Gimme a break. I mean, they say the same thing against everyone. He is a dangerous deranged criminal. He is the reason I am going to miss my profit targets. Big valuations of possible problems, and then big flashes of photographers in the press conference.

I dont know if you know about another guy called Kevin Mitnick. I think i wrote about him earlier. The same with him too. I can understand the desperation of the media for these poor script kiddies. I so feel sorry for them. Most of the bigger fish are probably doing all they want to do, and making sure neither the media not the courts find anything against them. And then there are these kids, who know a little, have an attitude and in the end be those who have take the fall.

And to top it all, people act as if they were the persons to cause the trouble to begin with. The article acts as if 18 year old script |<1dd133 is the bad person and Microsoft is the victim!! How pathetic can journalism get.

I dont know if journalists will ever look beyond the obvious and reach out for the truth. And I hope that one day, people will understand the difference between hackers, crackers, virus authors and script kiddies. And one day, I hope, Microsoft is secure enough that script kiddies are mere kids and unable to cause 7.7 million dollar worth of trouble.

No, let me change that. And one day, I hope, there wont be enough of M$ left for script kiddies to do 7.7 million dollar worth of trouble.

Amen to that.

warm regards,


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