June 19, 2002

Second post

Editor's Note: The name of this blog was once Quaxzarron.

You might wonder. why the name quaxzarron.

Well it is a long story. I have this fascination for letters. and the lesser used, the more i am fascinated by the letter. And in particularly i am ga-ga over Z and Q. There is something about these two letters. I mean first of all they sound so refined. It is almost like the soft wash of the sea on the shore, or the quick retort of a duck. These sounds are so natural, as in nature... Okay, alright, it is obvious that i am making it up. Oh well anyway...

I liked these letter... and oh did i forget X. Well that is another letter i love. And i am rather pissed by all these new naming schemes that use X a lot. OS-X, XP and whatnot. well, i wanted to use all these adorable letters in a screen name of mine. Those were the days when I was relatively new to the world of the Internet. So off I went for a few hours, tossing these three letters over and over in my mind, till I realised that the combination with Q X and Z in that order was the only one that would even be decently mouthable. And hey presto! I got a brand new name.
Ofcourse similarity to Quasars and Pulsars did its candidature no harm.

Since then i have been using this as a frequent name. Especially in places where they dont accept an underscore character "_"

ciao for now,