April 04, 2009


It has been almost three years since the last post. There is a reason for it, three years long. The bottom line is that for the last three years I had opted to let work take over all my time, choosing to put the rest of my life on hold. Virtually, pressing a super-pause button

That is all over now. Now it is time to move on, revive some of the old and start some more of the new. The world has changed tremendously in these last three years. I have too! Three years ago, blogging was fringe. Today it seems everyone does it. Three years ago, social networking was a fad. Today it is mainstream - threatening to make television a fad. A few years ago, doing a new post, meant an outside chance that I would get an audience. Today the audience seems stretched too thin.

Within that context, it seems I am back. To continue to make this a sort of thought-blog with ideas, rants and opinions across a wide-range of topics.

To kick it all off, we have a new blog name - blog@anarchius.org as opposed to the old quaxzarron.blogspot.com (That old name is now more or less defunct). It is now hosted on my own domain and website. And finally the website and the blog now share a new, common look and feel. The site now sports a new template, cleaner XHTML, css based design. The aim is, at some point, to achieve XHTML document compliance.

Here's to welcoming myself back!