September 30, 2003


This has to be online.

Did you know DOS had device files? NO? You thought only *nix had that disease?
Welll, do this.

Create a folder called con on the root of your drive...

yeah yeah, in Dos or Windows boxen not *nix...

What was that again? you could not. Dont tell me you cannot create a simple folder in your drive?

You cannot even create c:\con on your computer and you are reading this?

okay, then go ahead and create c:\com1 or c:\prn


Mebbe something is wrong with your folders. Try creating a text file with those names. c:\con.txt or c:\prn.txt, or for that fact try creating c:\con.??? on your computer... failed?

well, here is the reason.

conning away the M$ bashers, this is sick and sad


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