September 12, 2010

The Guild

I stumbled upon "The Guild", via their hilarious music video called "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar" (at the end of the post) and their blockbuster sequel "Game On"

The Guild is the story of six online gamers, who discover life IRL (in real life) to be very different from their successful online exploits. The story is told from the point of view of the principal character Codex, who goes by the name Sid otherwise. A dedicated gamer, Codex is nevertheless racked by doubt about not having a life offline. She is pursued ardently by Zaboo, who transitioned from a clueless mama's boy into online gaming and Codex.

Leading the guild is Vork, a sad bald man in real life who, apart from taking care of his sick grandfather, devoted himself completely to the cause of the online gaming team. Bladezz is the youngest in the group, still at an age where being a gamer automatically does not make it a social impediment. Yet, with a painful sibling and overbearing parents, he finds solace in acting his age with the rest of the group.

Tink or Tinkerballa is the second girl in the group. Seemingly the most normal of the lot, she nevertheless displays a cunning ruthlessness in real life, to the discomfort and enlightenment of her fellow gamers. Finally there is Clara, who is also known as Clara, and is a mother of three young kids. Balancing her maternal responsibilities with the demands of gaming prove difficult for her, and she naturally chose gaming; over parenting or her half-sister's wedding.

The six eclectic characters begin the series with the first meeting outside of their quests in the unnamed (presumed D&D) MMO. Season One, deals with the introduction of the characters, followed by the story arcs of Zaboo's freedom and the pwning of Bladezz. Season Two, follows the story arcs of the stunt guy in Codex's apartment along with the epic party that follows. That is as far as I got to before I decided to post. With each episode lasting between 4 and 8 minutes, an hour tomorrow should take care of Season Three.

Returning to the previously scheduled programming, here is the music video that was responsible for this post.

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