August 28, 2010



Continuing with today's trend of posting about useful sites, here is another that I just stumbled upon - TypeRacer.

TypeRacer is a website where you basically race against others, by pitting your typing speed and accuracy against theirs. Every race starts off with a random excerpt, about a paragraph long and some randomly chosen opponents. The excerpts are selected from books, poems or even song lyrics.

One word at a time is highlighted in the excerpt, allowing you to type it correctly in a text box. If you make a mistake, you cannot proceed till you correct it. Once you type in the correct word, it disappears from your text box, the next word in the excerpt is highlighted. The first one to complete typing the excerpt wins.

The site, randomly pits you against opponents who are in the same typing speed range as you to keep things interesting. You can instead choose to practice yourself, or race against specific people.

As it turns out, I apparently type in the 88.5 percentile range. So the question is am I going to practice long enough to start making an appreciable difference in the type racing rating of mine.

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