September 01, 2010

Swype on, Symbian

Woo Hoo!

Nokia Beta Labs, has just announced the availability of Swype for the S60 5th Edition phones - including the Nokia 5800.

Not that this gets the S60 5th platform in line with Android, or gives me much respite from phone-envy, But it is a pretty darn good step in the right direction.

Just installed it on my phone and can confirm that it is indeed working. Swyped my first text message out. What struck me though was the broken UI in trying to download the beta directly onto the phone. Beta labs, on my phone, has a sign-on link that doesn't work. Nokia Ovi, defaulted to a mobile interface that does not have a link to sign-in. The quickest way seemed to be to go to, force a log in and then go onto Beta Labs.

Despite the pain to get to it - Swype does work now.


Anonymous said...

Wow, it’s so fast!
I experience a very similar keyboard which I downloaded from the OVI store, called SlideIT.
You can download it directly from the developer site :

Anarchius said...

I've heard of slideIT before, but never tried it after reading some not so flattering reviews about it. And considering I've used swype on an Android device before and loved it, I was very excited to see it come to symbian. Have you had a chance to use both? Any thoughts on which works better?