September 08, 2010

Bug Comic

Bug is a funny cartoon strip. There are many comics out there, that follow the traditional joke route - set-up, build tension, and close with punchline. None do it as eloquently as the Bug Comic.

The comic strip is always four panels wide, with the first panel typically reserved for just the setup text. Bug characters, cute but nameless, populate the other three. And yes, the bug is indeed cute, with a white underbelly and black backs. The characters wear glasses, ties, dress up as Santa, and are anywhere between polite, rude, snarky and fun. The best bugs are, of course, the baby bugs, with their unnaturally large heads and a perennially off balance pose.

The strip is not terribly topical and the subjects do not suffer from excessive nerdy-ness. This makes them very accessible. A frequently used format is a "Dear somebody" letter. With the opinionated bug occupying the setup and punchline hunched over a paper, and the middle panels containing the build up. The strips of triathlon organizers, mr. president and mr. flipped collar follow this format. There are other funny strips featuring zombies, love stories, aliens, midget ninjas and of course, this guy.

Written by Adam Huber, the comic has an interesting history. Turns out, Adam had the idea for bugs back in high school, but it wasn't until the reemergence of the pest much later in life that it finally took shape as a webcomic. That definitely sounds like a bug to me. The comic hasn't been around for long, but even with a daily posting schedule Adam has been successful in retaining its freshness. One of the great things about this being a short comic is that you do not have to a story arc to worry about. Which is where the random button comes in handy. Or you could just read them one after the other from the archives.

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