October 04, 2010

Short and blended well

Blender is one of those tools you hardly ever hear about, and when you do, everything about it seems unreal. Blender is an open source, cross-platform tool for rendering 3D objects. In other words, you can use Blender to produce fully immersive three dimensional worlds. And render them either as stills (photographs) or movies.

From time to time, Blender Foundation releases short movies that showcase the capabilities of this powerful open source software. The latest in the series is called Sintel. The foundation had earlier released two other short movies called Elephant’s Dream and Big Buck Bunny. Sintel is embedded next, and the other two are embedded after the break.

Elephant’s Dream embedded next.

Big Buck Bunny embedded next.

Not only are these well made (and award winning) movies in their own right, but they also help showcase the capabilities of open source software in general and Blender in particular. And they are definitely a good way to pass a few minutes, that would otherwise go to watching kitty.

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