May 24, 2010

How LOST it should have been

Yesterday was the big LOST finale. For me and the wife, it was a major let down. She insisted, she needed some closure after the six years worth of episodes. So, well, here is the alternate end to LOST, the way it should have been. Read more after the break.

  1. Jacob and MIB are twin aspects of the Mother, the original protector of the light. Jacob is the half that preserves and keeps things as-is; the Man in Black (MIB) is determined to cause change, even catastrophic change.
  2. The island is the heart of life, the soul of souls, the reason life started on earth. The island traps a tremendous amount of life force, which manifests itself as electromagnetic energy and time dilation to the external world. Because the island is situated on a massive amount of energy, moving through time and space is possible.
  3. The light is the ultimate source and is the strength behind Jacob and MIB. Over time, men have built mechanisms to tap into various aspects of the light, including the wheel, the cork. The latter is designed to release an optimal amount of the source that can sustain life on earth.
  4. Jacob and MIB, being opposite aspects of the same force, had always been at war with each other. Over time, they had transformed this into a game. The DHARMA initiative seemed to be an scientific entity, but was actually guided by Jacob (sic). The Others thought they were following Jacob, but were actually driven by the destructive force of MIB.
  5. Richard, was responsible for the original deception of Jacob, and the first step in his eventual death. By taking the gift of immorality from Jacob, and shielding the Others from ever seeing him, Richard led the ultimate long con on Jacob.
  6. Followers of Jacob, for the most part, are unable to easily get in and out of the island (Jacob however could). This applied to most of the candidates (DHARMA initiative was exempt because they used an off-island sonar beacon). Followers of MIB on the other hand move in and out of the island easily, in direct contrast to MIB himself. That is why the others are able to, including Ben Linus, Charles Widmore and his crew.
  7. When DHARMA was destroyed by the Others, Jacob finally realizing the urgency to have a succession plan. He went on to identify one of the largest group of candidates, and utilized the final vestige of the initiative to bring the plane down - Desmond Hume.
  8. The hydrogen bomb did work, splitting the light (and the universe) into two; one being a constant static world (shown as the flash sideways) and the other is the world of today where the war between Jacob and MIB is reaching a catastrophic end. The bomb condemned both universes to ultimate ruin - one through a steady slowdown of time and the other moving unstoppably to the events described later.
  9. When Jack takes over from Jacob, he realizes that he can never beat MIB, because there is nothing to beat. MIB exists because he does, and he has powers because MIB exists. Their powers, that were once together in the Mother, had split up during her botched transfer of power. The root to it all is the light. Taking it out means both he and MIB can fight as humans. But taking it out meant shutting down the one thing that kept this world from cataclysmic destruction.
  10. As the ultimate act of "letting go", Jack decides to "pull the plug" on the light, under the assumption that Desmond can step in as required. Desmond is the only person who can survive the effects of the radiation, without succumbing.
  11. MIB agrees to this proposal by Jack in the final episode, because he thinks that will finally get him off the island, if not this world, then into the other world, as the life force of this world gushes out.
  12. Jack pulls the plug, and he turns out to be right. Both lose their power, but the world starts to implode around them. Jack and MIB fight, and both fatally wound each other.
  13. Meanwhile Desmond in both worlds realizes what must be done. Desmond, due to his unique nature of having survived multiple radiation exposures, is actually unified across both worlds. While the bomb split the universes apart, the light still connected the two. Desmond, having lived through the failure of the Swan, is forever linked through the same energy and light.
  14. Sideways Desmond gathers the entire group and takes them to the "pendulum room" with Eloise, to determine where regular Desmond is, so that Desmond and Desmond can bring the two words together. What he also realizes is that the lives of the candidates and those around them, would be randomly determined in the unified world. There were just too many differences between the worlds for them to self-correct.
  15. As Hurley, Miles, Kate, Sawyer and Ben show up in the regular world, Hurley realizes that all of his dead friends are also with them. Realizing what must be done, their spirits which were still roaming on the island came together for this final task.
  16. After a lot of drama, the candidates in the sideways world decide that they are willing to make that sacrifice for the sake of the world, and the universe.
  17. The candidates in the sideways world, and their ghosts and living counterparts in the current world, link through Desmond and pull. Powered by the tremendous out flow of of energy and the unification power of Desmond, the two universes come crashing together. Desmond is left holding both halves of the power along with all the energy that seems to flow out. Desmond then corks the light locking the world in place.
  18. All the candidates remain as ghosts, smiling and sad at the same time, except for Ben. Ben sees how everyone sacrificed themselves for the greater good, offers to help Desmond protect the island.
  19. They come out into the open skies. Desmond finally realizes that he will probably never see Penny again.

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