May 16, 2010


Seems like a lot is happening with Google. Two noteworthy blog posts in the same day - at least noteworthy for me.

First, the Nexus One phone (which our household owns) will no longer be sold via their online website. I am sure it is a sound decision given their sales problems. But it takes away the one chance for the mobile phone market in the US to finally break free of the carrier choke hold. Funnily, this was timed just days after we picked up the new Car dock accessory for the phone.

Second, looks like Google Street view has been collecting a lot more information than the previously disclosed. Not only were the Google cars collecting the names of SSIDs and MAC addresses, but they had been collecting fragments of actual payload (data transmitted unencrypted through the network).

So that is one apology and one surrender. Not bad for day's work.

Updated: Link to no longer is live, updated to static Nexus One page.

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