May 07, 2004


This is todally wonderful. They actually said that I was an active user of blogger. Wonder how they found that out. Read news that this beta was now being opened for blogger users. Was disappointed when I came here the last time and did not figure out how to do it. Anyways, now that I am in, feels totally wonderful.
I dont know what it is about technology that gives me the shivers. Have been feeling hopelessly cold the last few minutes, because the excitement has still to settle in. Whopeee! I am Betaing for GMail...

The first reports of GMail rolling in. Using it for a few minutes, the the single most important feature is the simplicity of the interface - almost austure. No more options to sort by this and that. No more complicated interfaces to to deal with the various sort options you use to view messages by. There are just three elements - the mail, the message group it belongs to and the time it was sent. Period. Nothing else matters.

Have exchanged almost 11 mails till now and I have just four items in my inbox. One of that is a set of conversations with 8 different mails in it. So this is their famed feature of message grouping. Also, there is no complicated viewing of the mails possible - grouping order is just based on time and nothing else. Virtually no views of threading are possible as of now. Dont know if that is a good thing or not. Will tell you later. The interface for viewing the grouped conversation is also interesting. More about it in a more structured Beta Report. Will do it over the weekend.

Second most important item as far as first looks is concerned. The mail is blindingly fast. As fast as google. Imagine what that is going to do to your view of the Internet. Keep imagining, will get back to it later.

As I said - will come back with a full report during the weekend. However the reason I am writing this is to link to my site and increase the number of pages linking to it. Seems is not being linked by enough sites for it to be spidered. Will change it. Also keeping track of all that I am doing to get it onto the google index. Will keep you updated on that too.

warm regards,

- anarchy

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