March 27, 2011

Always Coca-Cola

I still remember the first time I had a coke in a can. It was in India, after Coca-Cola's second coming, post economic liberalization in the country. The can itself cost 20 rupees, an affordable luxury at that time. I remember the intense anticipation, the impatient seconds of study to figure out out to open it, and then the surprising let down in the taste department. Even as I loudly tried to convince me and those around me that it indeed tasted better if not the same.

Nevertheless, coke was and continues to be a part of the familiar; a cornerstones of my world. There is yet to be a place I have been to, that the familiar red and white had not already visited. So when I came across some "facts" about the company, I had to try to make an infographic out of it.

More importantly, I needed a reason to try out inkscape - an open source vector graphics tool. I needed a better way to make infographics, and for all its capabilities, gimp was quickly turning out not to be the tool for it.


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