July 15, 2010

Symbolically INR

A new symbol for the Indian Rupee has been announced. Back in March of this year, the Indian Finance Ministry announced a contest to crowd source designs for the Indian Rupee. Unlike other currencies like the Euro, Dollar, Pound etc, the Indian Rupee was always referred to as INR and did not have a symbol. The contest ended on April 15, and we now have a winner.

Designed by a student of IIT Bombay (starting as a faculty in IIT Guwahati), the new symbol is a play on the Devanagri letter for 'Ra' and the Roman letter 'R', while reflecting the Roman letter 'e' as well. (Re was also used in place of INR to refer to the Indian Rupee).

The best part about the symbol, is that it looks so natural. Almost like something I would have designed. But did not. And I think the way it beautifully straddles the familiarity of concept with the clarity of design, is what makes it work.

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