January 21, 2004

Personal Programming

This is an idea that has intrigued me for some time. It came to me when I was thinking about doing something to automate my website. It is a pure-html site, and I wanted to do some kind of automation of updation of links of each page when a particular page was altered. A very obvious means would be to use a "content management software". But I was too lazy to search for one that fit my bill. Because my requirement was simple, change a links in each page automatically. Something along the lines of a simple perl hack, rather than anything else.

I am not averse to computing, but at the same time I am lazy. Perl is made for me, but then there are some deficiencies for my purpose. Perl promotes laziness, but after it is up and running. I want something that promotes laziness _always_.

And it should be non intrusive. It should be intelligent. And it should keep everything with it and not make me think. And it should be portable. I will try to come up with a wishlist in the next blog. Do you know anything that provides such a platform?

Anyways, forward the requirements,

- ravi

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