October 14, 2003


I was talking today and I got this idea.

Think about the time when you were faced with a problem. Not a problem which is defined in terms of problem -> ? -> solution. Rather a problem which is like a mass of unknown mass. All you know is ?? -> ?? -> ***. You only have a vague idea about what you want, and what you can get depends on what you have, and what you have is not totally defined and how you are going to do it is also not defined.

Typically called an unstructured problem.

The items in this drama are these...

1) unstructured mass of information or data

2) unknown process

3) approximate output is known.

Think about a diamond cutting process. When the diamon cutter gets an uncut diamond he has something he does not truly understand. He has a process, but does not know how to use the same. He knows roughly what the final output looks like.

Think about the process as logic. You have the tool, to cut the unknown mass of data, but dont know how to use that tool. Coz there are a billion ways of using it, just like a billion ways of cutting a diamond. But only a few of them give out the clarity which a diamond can give. And that is the way of using logic to cut the information and classify it so that you get that clarity that guides you towards the solution.

The diamond cutter cutting the diamond and the problem solver solving an unstructured problem.

In fact to facilitate this process of problem solving and making it more of a repeatable process than an abstract art is the effort of a majority of mankind. There is one such method and its name escapes me, googling too does not seem to help.

Anyways, liked the analogy so put it here,

other stuff,

- ravikiran n.

PS: new .sig, more corporatish, and massively scaled in terms of data content

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