September 17, 2003

Know What!

Something Amazing happened yesterday. I signed up for my first domain name :) yup, I did.

Well, the domain is Kewl huh? Well, I have not been allocated that as of now, but I should be soon, considering that I completed the formalities of paying for it and all that. So well, once that allocation is done, then I will be the proud owner of a domain.

In a way that sounds so powerful. I am the overlord of the domain. Har Har. Will post a whois as soon as I get one myself.

That is about the only thing happening in the last few days. Slashdot is doing nothing new. Started jogging and working out in the morning. Too much of time in front of the keyboard and the monitor have started taking their toll. Have a small little paunch hanging out. Looking to check it quick. Tried to jog today. And man was it painful!! Guess, it is going to be a long road out of hell, as Manson so eloquently put it.

lets see how tired I get walking it,


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